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In Timor-Leste, over 268,000 women and girls benefitted from EU-UN Spotlight Initiative in one year

18 June 2021

  • In Timor-Leste, over 268,000 women and girls benefitted from EU-UN Spotlight Initiative in one year, concludes National Steering Committee.
  • The Government, partners, European Union, and United Nations recommit to ending violence against women and girls by reviewing progress and looking at accelerating the implementation of the Spotlight Initiative in the context of recovery from COVID-19 and recent floods.

DILI, 18 June 2021: The Government of Timor-Leste, European Union (EU), United Nations (UN), civil society organisations, and partners of the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative met today to review progress, approve the 2020 Annual Report, and seek inputs on programmatic adaptations needed to address the increased risk of violence against women and girls in the wake of recovery from COVID-19 pandemic and floods. The third meeting of the National Steering Committee was virtually organised by the Secretariat of State for Equality and Inclusion and the UN Resident Coordinator's Office. The meeting brought together representatives from the line Ministries, Municipalities, EU, UN agencies together with their partner organisations, and civil society.

The Spotlight Initiative started in January 2020, and has substantially contributed to preventing and responding to violence against women and girls. Over 268,000 women and girls, or 21% of the total population, have benefitted from the programme over the last year. Over 550,000 people were also reached through social media. 

“I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to all the efforts you all have carried out. While all of us have face various challenges due to limited movement because of by COVID-19, sanitary health fence and the recent floods, however we have made significant progress as seen in the results presented earlier. We have welcome positive feedback not only from the secretariat in New York but also from regional level. This is a great recognition to all and I believe together with UN and European Union, we will improve implementation performance in the coming period,” stated Secretary of State for Equality and Inclusion, Maria José da Fonseca Monteiro de Jesus.

As a result of community mobilisation, advocacy, system strengthening, and improved awareness, Gender Based Violence (GBV) reporting and response has increased considerably. The Spotlight partners supported over 3,500 women and girls in municipalities of focus who reported physical/sexual violence and sought legal help. More than 1,319 cases of GBV were also reported to justice officials – almost twice the number of cases compared to the previous year in these municipalities. In addition, 60 women and girl survivors of violence and their families were supported by the Spotlight Initiative through knowledge, information, and capacity building. Through behavioural change interventions, the programme also engaged and advocated with men and boys to become stronger agents of change.

In 2020, the Spotlight Initiative worked with the Government partners, including PNTL, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Trade Union Confederation, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Associação Empresarial das Mulheres, and Secretariat of State for Vocational Training to support women and girls against all forms of violence. Over 800 Public Sector representatives were trained. Partnerships were also developed with organisations working with marginalised groups, particularly people from the LGBT community and people with disabilities, to improve their access to services.  

In Timor-Leste, the Initiative is being implemented by five UN agencies (ILO, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, and UN Women) in collaboration with civil society and the Government partners. The programme currently supports 22 civil society projects representing 33 partner organisations at the national level and three municipalities (Viqueque, Bobonaro, and Ermera). Over USD 2.48 million have been committed to these projects. The Spotlight Initiative also supports key Government partners through technical and financial support. 

The European Union Ambassador to Timor-leste said: “I am proud of the work done by the Government, the UN Agencies and the Civil Society Organisation during this first year of implementation of the Spotlight Initiative. Despite the difficult Covid19 times, many women, girls, boys, men and minority groups of society have been reached with information, training and services. GBV has not been eliminated yet, but the path has been set and the European Union continues to be strongly committed to support gender equality and women's empowerment. I know, it would be impossible to achieve this without the engagement and commitment of the Timor-Leste Government and Civil Society Organisations.”

It has been globally recognised that violence is often exacerbated in emergencies and natural disasters due to disruption of services, destruction of infrastructure, displacement, and limited access to referral services. 

Despite the shutdowns and restrictions in response to COVID-19 and recent floods, action against GBV remains one of the highest priorities for the Government, United Nations, EU and partners in Timor-Leste. 

"Women and girls in Timor-Leste are under greater risk of violence during COVID-19 pandemic and as a result of the floods, making them more vulnerable. The Government and key institutions have a responsibility to help ensure that people are safe, well supported and that the fundamental rights of all, especially women, girls and vulnerable groups, are effectively protected. The UN in Timor-Leste will continue working closely with the communities, the Government, and partners to address and eliminate all kinds of violence against women and girls", noted United Nations Resident Coordinator Roy Trivedy. 

In response to the floods and in support of COVID-19 recovery, the Spotlight team and partners also proposed diverting some programme funds to ensure the safety of women and girls. The meeting explored redirecting over USD 500,000 from the Initiative's budget to Gender and Protection measures under Government and humanitarian partners' Joint Flood Response Plan. The proposed reprogrammed funds cover referral systems, reproductive health services and supplies, dignity kits, and psychosocial support to affected women, girls and their families. 




Komunikadu imprensa konjuntu.

Iha Timor-Leste, iha 268,000 feto no labarik-feto sira hetan benefísiu husi inisiativa Spotlight UE nian iha tinan ida nia laran, konklui ona Komisaun diretiva Nasionál.

Governu, parseiru sira, Uniaun Europeia, no Nasoins Unidas kompromete atu hapara violénsia kontra feto no labarik-feto sira liuhusi revizaun ba progresu no haree ba aselera implementasaun inisiativa Spotlight iha ámbitu rekuperasaun Covid-19 no inundasaun sira foin daudaun ne'e.

Dili,18 Junho 2021: Governu Timor-Leste, Uniaun Europeia (UE), Nasoins Unidas, organizasaun sosiedade sivíl, no parseiru sira husi inisiativa Spotlight ne'e hala'o sorumutuk ohin hodi halo revizaun ba progresu, aprova relatóriu anuál tinan 2020 nian, no buka input sira kona-ba adaptasaun programátiku sira ne'ebé presiza hodi hatán ba risku violénsia ne'ebé aumenta hasoru feto no labarik-feto sira iha momentu rekuperasaun husi pandemia Covid-19 no inundasaun. Sorumutuk datoluk Komisaun Pilotajen Nasionál nian ne'e kuaze organiza husi Sekretaria Estadu ba Igualdade no Inkluzaun no husi Koordenador Rezidente Nasoins Unidas nian. Sorumutuk ne'e halibur reprezentante sira husi Ministériu, munisípiu, Uniaun Europeia, ajénsia ONU sira hamutuk ho sira-nia parseiru organizasaun sira, no sosiedade sivíl.

Inisiativa Spotlight ne'e hahú iha fulan-janeiru tinan 2020, no substansial kontribui ona ba prevensaun no hatán ba violénsia hasoru feto no labarik-feto sira. Liu 268,000 feto no labarik-feto sira, ka 21% hosi totál populasaun, hetan benefísiu hosi programa ne'e iha tinan kotuk. Iha mós ema na'in 550,000 liu husi média sosiál.

“Ha’u hakarak hato’o ha’u nia sinseru apresiasaun ba esforsu hotu ne’ebé ita-boot sira halo ona. Maski, ita hotu hasoru dezafiu barbarak tanba limitasaun movimentu kauza hosi COVID-19, Serka Sanitária no inundasaun foin lalais ne’e, maibé ita konsege halo progresu ne’ebé signifikante tebes hanesan rezultadu ne’ebé ita haree iha aprezentasaun ohin. Ita hetan respota pozitivu la’ós hosi sekretariadu iha Nova Iorke de’it maibé mós hosi nivel rejionál nian. Ida-ne’e rekoñesimentu ida di’ak tebes no ha’u fiar katak hamutuk ho ONU no Uniaun Europeia, ita sei hadi’ak di’ak liután implementasaun programa iha periódu tuir mai,” dehan Sekretária Estadu ba Igualdade no Inkluzaun, Maria José da Fonseca Monteiro de Jesus. 

Nu'udar rezultadu husi mobilizasaun komunidade, advokasia, hametin sistema, no hadi'a konsiénsia, violénsia bazeia ba jéneru (vbj) relata no responde aumenta maka'as ona. Parseiru sira Spotlight nian suporta ona feto no labarik-feto sira liu na'in 3,500 iha munisípiu foku sira ne'ebé relata violénsia fíziku / seksuál no buka tulun legal. Kazu liu 1,319 husi gbv mós relata ba ofisiál Justisa sira - kuaze númeru kazu dala rua kompara ho tinan kotuk iha munisípiu sira ne'e. Nune'e mós, sobrevivente feto na'in 60 no feto violénsia nian no sira nia família hetan apoiu husi inisiativa Spotlight liu husi koñesimentu, informasaun, no kapasitasaun. Liu husi intervensaun mudansa hahalok sira, programa ne'e mós involve no halo advokasia ho mane no labarik mane sira atu sai agente ba mudansa.

Iha tinan 2020, inisiativa Spotlight ne'e serbisu hamutuk ho parseiru Governu nian sira, inklui PNTL, Ministériu Edukasaun, Ministériu saúde, Konfederasaun Sindikatu, Kámara Komérsiu no Indústria sira, associariariariaria empresarial das Mulheres, no Sekretaria Estadu formasaun profisionál atu apoia feto no labarik-feto sira hasoru forma violénsia hotu-hotu. Reprezentante sektor públiku liu 800 mak hetan ona treinamentu. Parseria sira-ne'e mós dezenvolve ona ho organizasaun sira ne'ebé serbisu ho grupu marjinalizadu sira, liuliu ema LGBT sira, komunidade no ema ho defisiénsia sira, atu hadi'a sira-nia asesu ba servisu sira.

Iha Timor-Leste, inisiativa ne'e implementa hosi ajénsia ONU na'in lima (ILO, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, no UN Women) ho kolaborasaun ho sosiedade sivíl no parseiru Governu nian sira. Programa ne'e daudaun ne'e apoia projetu sosiedade sivíl hamutuk 22 ne'ebé reprezenta organizasaun parseiru 33 iha nivel Nasionál no munisípiu tolu (Viqueque, Bobonaro, no Ermera). Liu USD 2.48 milloens kompromete ona ba projetu hirak ne'e. Inisiativa Spotlight ne'e mós apoia parseiru xave Governu nian sira liuhusi apoiu tékniku no finanseiru.

Embaixador Uniaun Europeia nian ba Timor-Leste dehan: "ha'u orgullu ho servisu ne'ebé Governu hala'o ona, ajénsia ONU nian sira no organizasaun sosiedade sivíl nian durante tinan dahuluk iha implementasaun inisiativa Spotlight nian. Apezarde tempu Covid19 ne'ebé difisil, ular-oan barak, labarik-feto, labarik-mane, mane no grupu minoria sira sosiedade nian hetan ona informasaun, treinamentu no servisu sira. VBJ seidauk elimina, maibé dalan ne'ebé estabelese ona no Uniaun Europeia kontinua komprometidu maka'as atu suporta Igualdade jéneru no empoderamentu feto. Ha'u hatene, imposivel atu realiza ida ne'e sein kompromisu no kompromisu hosi Governu Timor-Leste no organizasaun sosiedade sivíl sira. "

Globalmente rekoñese katak violénsia dala barak akontese iha situasaun emerjénsia no dezastres naturais tanba fó perturbasaun ba servisus, destruisaun ba Infra-Estruturas, dezlokamentu, no limitasaun asesu ba servisus referénsia.

Maske restrisaun no restrisaun sira ne'ebé taka ona hodi hatán ba Covid-19 no inundasaun sira foin daudaun ne'e, asaun hasoru VBJ sei sai nafatin hanesan prioridade aas ida ba Governu, Nasoins Unidas, UE no parseiru sira iha Timor-Leste.

"Feto no labarik-feto sira iha Timor-Leste iha risku boot liu ba violénsia durante pandemia Covid-19 no nu'udar rezultadu husi inundasaun sira, halo sira sai vulneravel liutan. Governu no instituisaun xave sira iha responsabilidade atu ajuda asegura katak ema sira ne'e seguru, hetan apoiu di'ak no katak direitu fundamentál hotu-hotu nian, liuliu feto, labarik-feto no grupu vulneravel sira, hetan protesaun efetivu. ONU iha Timor-Leste sei kontinua servisu hamutuk nafatin ho komunidade sira, Governu, no parseiru sira atu rezolve no elimina violénsia oi-oin hotu hasoru feto no labarik-feto sira," hateten Koordenador Rezidente Nasoins Unidas nian Roy Trivedy.

Hatán ba inundasaun sira no iha apoiu ba rekuperasaun Covid-19 nian, ekipa Spotlight no parseiru sira proposta ona mós atu halo diverisaun ba programa fundus balu hodi garante seguransa ba feto no labarik-feto sira. Enkontru ne'e explora fila fali osan dolar amerikanu 500,000 husi orsamentu inisiativa ne'e nian ba medida sira protesaun jéneru no protesaun nian iha Governu nia okos no parseiru umanitária sira nia planu resposta konjunta ba inundasaun. Reprograma nebee propoin ona hodi kobre sistema referénsia fundus, servisu no fornesimentu saúde reprodutiva, dignidade, no apoiu psiko-sosial ba feto, labarik feto no sira nia família ne'ebé afetadu.




The Spotlight Initiative, launched in September 2017, is a multi-year global partnership between the European Union and the United Nations to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls. It represents an unprecedented global effort to invest in gender equality and women's empowerment as a precondition and driver for achieving sustainable development goals.

In the Pacific, the situation is particularly worrying. In some countries in the region, 76 per cent of women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime. Most affected are marginalised women and girls facing multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination. 

In Timor-Leste, the Spotlight Initiative was launched on 5 March 2020. It is being implemented through five UN agencies (ILO, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, and UN Women), in support of the Government, and in close collaboration with the civil society, the World Health Organization (WHO), International Organization for Migration (IOM), and the UN Human Rights Advisor's Unit (HRAU). 

The overall vision of the Spotlight Initiative in Timor-Leste is that women and girls enjoy their right to a life free of violence, within an inclusive and gender equitable Timor-Leste. The programme is aligned to the Timor-Leste "National Action Plan on Gender based Violence (NAP GBV) (2017-2021)" and National SDG Roadmap. It contributes to the elimination of domestic violence/ intimate partner violence (DV/IPV) by responding to the needs of women and girls and addressing the underlying causes of violence against women and girls, using a multi-sectoral and intersectional approach across the ecological model. 

This involves strengthening and widening partnerships and solidarity across civil society, Government, media, private sector and development partners. The Initiative empowers individuals, equip institutions at national, sub-national and community levels with the policies, systems and mechanisms to prevent and respond to VAWG, and encourage the public to challenge harmful gender norms. Using innovative approaches, the Spotlight Initiative builds a social movement of diverse advocates and agents of change for gender equality and social inclusion. 

The Spotlight initiative deploys targeted, large-scale investments to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Pacific. For more information about the Spotlight Initiative, visit

In Timor-Leste, over 268,000 women and girls benefitted from EU-UN Spotlight Initiative in one year


Ahmed Saleem

Communications Officer

Marino Mouzinho

Media Adviser, Office of the Secretary of State for Equality and Inclusion

Stella D’Assis

Communication and Visibility Officer, EU Delegation to Timor-Leste.

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